Having set up the business, following a top end training, Rachel intended on running a family cottage industry. Soon word spread and the fabric and job list were spilling out of the basements and into the rest of the house. Rachel’s Made-to-Measure was a success.

As the business grew, Christine joined us, with her experience in clothing and mathematical skills, and started training with soft furnishings. The teenagers rebelled and said either we "find new premises or the fabric will disappear!".

Christine and Rachel moved out and into an old Otley fabric mill. Within 18 months we outgrew those premises and Jenny joined us, from school, with an ability to adapt to the ever expanding and varied tasks we threw her way. She has an excellent eye for colours and is great at helping people find the right fabrics from a bewildering array of designs and colours. We needed more space - and a bigger table - those bifold door curtains can stretch for miles…

Our current place feels like home, which is just as well because we spend so much time here. The workload continues to expand. From new homes to old, draughty farmhouses, from first modest rental apartments to lofty mill developments, hotels and stately homes, we do it all! Between us we follow each job through, everyone coordinating different aspects: measuring; selecting fabric and linings; ordering; making; fitting and hanging. Oh, and billing!




Meet Rachel

I have my roots in the local area, brought up my family in Otley and now live close to family in Ilkley. As my girls grew up, I began to explore the possibility of a career change and to turn a passion into a business: made-to-measure fabrics and furnishing sales.

Meet Martha

Hiya! I'm Martha, I am usually the first person you'll see as you enter the shop. If you have any queries or have a few ideas for some home furnishings I can try answer as much as I can whilst flicking through the many different books we have in store. 

I am here to help you find what sort of soft furnishings you would like, if you don't really know what you're looking for we can have a good chat about what kind of styles you like and don't like and start to get a basic understanding about what fabrics you prefer and what colours you favour over others. Any pictures of the rooms you are looking to spruce up are welcomed with open arms. 

Martha pic_edited.jpg

Meet Megan

Hi! I'm Megan, I am the latest recruit to the in-house sewing team and joined the company in February 2021. I had worked with another company before finding Rachel and wanted to move out of an admin role and into something creative; this offers me the chance not only to develop skills in the manufacturing of home furnishing, but starting an apprenticeship with the company gives me a recognised qualification.

Meet Christine

Hello, I’m Christine and I’ve been working with Rachel for several years now.  I have always enjoyed making things, but only took up sewing as a hobby late in life. I was lucky to meet Rachel at a time when her business was expanding and now it’s my job as well. I work behind the scenes, making sure that our products are made to our customers’ requirements and Rachel’s high standards. I am usually to be found upstairs in the workshop, planning projects, making up curtains and blinds, and making sure we work as efficiently as possible.

Best skills: pattern matching and sewing machine whispering.