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We have a huge selection of fabrics to choose from which we are happy to help you go through, and advise on the best design for your home and lifestyle.


First things first, lets decide what fabric you would like. The vast array is daunting!  We have plenty of different books from a wide range of suppliers to choose from; we can offer our best advice to help you find the perfect choice for your home. 

Next thing to consider are linings.  We recommend almost all curtains (excluding voiles) are lined.  It protects the back of the more expensive fabric you have chosen from sun damage and helps them drape so much better.   We use a high quality cotton sateen finish lining, non blackout thermal (it has a brushed cotton layer) and blackout lining. Coloured sateen linings are also available.  One of our most popular finishes is interlining.  If you would like them to be thicker and warmer this is a great choice. We use both the traditional hand-made interlining technique and a modern bonded lining and interlining.  They can make a less expensive fabric look really fabulous.


Nearly there!  Headings.  There are a large range from simple pencil pleat headings to double, triple (French) pleats, box and goblet pleats and eyelet and wave headings.  The gallery show examples of all of these.

All curtains are a combination of machine and hand sewn to a high quality finish. They are all sewn and layed out upstairs in our large workshop, if you pop in you will probably hear a machine going. When finished they are hung and bandaged to create uniform folds when pulled back.


Roman blinds are an equally popular choice, requiring considerably less fabric than curtains and allowing for adventurous and bold colours. They are a good, neat and modern choice and can be trimmed with a variety of edgings (beading, pom-poms etc) which I can provide from a large selection.

If you are less daring with your fabric colours or designs but would like to try a change to your room design, then a blind is a great way to do this. When up, blinds are less obvious than a bright pair of curtains, because the folds are neatly stacked behind one another.

All Fabric and lining choices are the same for blinds as they were for curtains.

gingham blinds.jpg

Home Accessories

Lets talk about the small things that make a whole room come together.

A mix of different cushions that are different sizes and different fabrics can look extremely effective on any sofa, chair or bed. Or even just a couple that match your brand new curtains/blinds. Cushions can be piped with different colours or the same fabric, they can have pom-poms or trim instead of piping, or no piping at all! We have a range of different sizes to fit in any spaces.

We also make lampshades, for your ceilings or tables.  

Tiebacks, we can show you the large collection of tiebacks that come in a large range of colours. Or we can make some tiebacks in the same fabric as your curtains.

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